My notes on a conversation between Jason Crawford and Erik Torenberg.

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Jason's (@jasoncrawford) background: Jason is the author of The Roots of Progress, a website about the history of technology and industry, and the philosophy of progress.

He is also the creator of Progress Studies for Young Scholars, an online learning program about the history of technology for high schoolers, and a part-time technical consultant and adviser to Our World in Data.

Erik's (@eriktorenberg) background: Erik is a co-founder and partner at Village Global, a network-driven VC firm. Erik is also the co-founder of Be On Deck.


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1:00 The key aspects of human progress.

Jason got interested in progress as a personal project in early 2017.

He created The Roots of Progress

It started as personal reading project:

Jason started writing about the history of technology and the ideas behind what led to science and technology.

The level of wealth, comfort, and safety that we have right now is unprecedented in history, so it's important to understand how we got here.

At first, it was a just a side project for Jason, but this changed after Tyler Cowen and Patrick Collison published their article in The Atlantic calling for a science of progress: